Weeds 3

My favorite show, Weeds

Hi! My name is Maria Isabel Sace and I am the founder of Piranha Fashion. I grew up in Santa Monica, California. I have 3 brothers, John, William, and Henry. I never had any idea that I would be staring a fashion line until I turned six years old and moved to New York City. I was inspired by the fashion that seemed so ironic and unique. The style was outgoing and unlike anything in California. I knew then that what I wanted to do was inspire at least one person the way New York inspired me. For a while I sketched out my ideas so when I was old enough I could get my own sewing machine and get to make everything. When I was 12, for my birthday I got all these Bina Abling books, which showed me how to build on my ideas and create something better. Bina Abling is my role model, her ideas were inspiring and I hope that when I am older a little girl will buy a Maria Sace book and be inspired the way I was.

It was a while before I got a pattern and design book but when I did, it was worth the wait. I hired a person to make the clothes for me because it was far too complicated for me at that time. I picked out the fabrics and colors and four months later I received a package in the mail adressed to me. It was my dress and I have never felt more accomplished and proud.

Now I countinue to sketch and work hard at the idea that my dream will come true.

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Random FactsEdit

1) My best friends name is Georgia.

  • My favorite show cast, House of Anubis
  • Taylor Swift, one of my favorite singers.

2) My favorite TV shows are Weeds, House of Anubis, Desperate Housewives, and New Girl.

3) My favorite singers are Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Colbie Callait, and Coldplay.

4) Favorite Sports: Skiing, Tennis, Dancing, and Biking.

5) Hobbies: Acting, Singing, Piano, and photogarphy.

6) Travel: Been to: Greece, Turkey, Madrid, Nevis, Hawaii, Scotland, Rome. Going To: China, Austria, Italy, Venice. Dream Destinations: Russia, Egypt, and India.